Hi my name is Laura Taylor. Taylor's Mill, Inc. is run by Robert Taylor. His employees and him do some amazing things. They can build or make almost anything!! Sometimes they even make doors. He even makes some parts on houses!! On the doors, he usally put some really cool artwork! I can remember when he made a door and then carved a huge, 3-d sunflower on both sides! They also has made a spiral staircase. They also make cabinets, windows, moldings on doors, shelfs, staircase railings, and even benches. If you would like to see some of their benches, you can drive to Winterthur Museum and walk down to the Sundial Garden and you will find 4 of his benches and another one in front of a beautiful tree. Most of his work is for buildings. If you would like him to make something for you ,please call (302) 571-9392 Thankyou!!!

Taylor's Mill, Inc. 4/98