Taylor's Mill, Inc. Moulding Pricing and Quotations.

Taylor's Mill, Inc. is a custom manufacturer. That is to say, we usually manufacture each order as required and we do not keep stock on hand of any given profile. The restoration of older buildings involves many small variations on similar themes, and accuracy of detail is one of our strong points.

However, if enough folks contact us looking for similar items, we would be glad to add a few exclusive profiles for inventory. Certain common casings and crowns from the past come to mind. Drop us a line with your wish list.

To price a custom moulding job please trace it as well as possible and Fax to 302-571-9393. Don't forget to list the total footage you need, and give us a phone number to call you back.

Our moulder has a 4"x 8 5/8" capacity. Radius trims and tricky shaper work can be quoted also.


For the graph-minded folks who need numbers, a cross reference chart of moulding prices is next.



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