Taylor's Mill, Inc. Moulding profile collection

We are peddling profiles for your viewing pleasure and use in the hope that the path to purchase shall be paved. The files will display in GIF format at an uncertain scale. DWF format for use with AutoCad Whip! and DXF format for download.


the number GIF image DWF Whip! file DXF drawing file
Casing TM-1904 1904tmb.gif (1007 bytes) 1904tmb.gif (1007 bytes) 1904tmb.gif (1007 bytes)
Casing TM-1914 1914tmb.gif (990 bytes) 1914tmb.gif (990 bytes) 1914tmb.gif (990 bytes)
Casing TM-1924 1924tmb.gif (1028 bytes) 1924tmb.gif (1028 bytes) 1924tmb.gif (1028 bytes)
Crown TM-3855 3855tmb.gif (1198 bytes) 3855tmb.gif (1198 bytes) 3855tmb.gif (1198 bytes)
more to come


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